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Bonesaia Bootleg View Detail

New Bootleg

Ever wondered how it would be if we'd take a ride with Ginuwine's Pony?

TuneCreators View Detail

Winners Remix Competition

The guys from TuneCreators made the winning remix for the 'Sync 2 U' (feat. Lu Angel) Remix Competition.

Couch Potatoes Mini Set View Detail

Couch Potatoes Mini Set

When we drop a Couch Potatoes Mini Set, it's all about kicking back and relax. No rush..

Sync 2 U (feat. Lu Angel) View Detail

Sync 2 U (Feat. Lu Angel)

For our debut single, we've teamed up with vocalist Lu Angel. Check it out right here.

Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it.

John Lennon

Bonesaia Biography

What we did. What we do.





We founded Ed Bonesaia in 2009. After years of making hiphop together with our current live crew member Sluwe Voszz, 2009 brought us various festivals with a progressive and electronic roster, which inspired us to pursue a heavier and more electronic sound. It was quite an exciting step for us: from soul samples to the use of synthesizers....

We were eager to find out if we were able to bring some strong basslines and compelling rhythms to dance floors, without losing sight of our eclectic interest in music. Straight away, we did some cool shows in various places in Europe (Club Bla/Oslo, Banano Tsunami/Genua, Three Sisters/Groningen), and discovered that we were able to give crowds nice balanced sets, consisting of different musical genres.

The bootleg remixes have also been there from day one. Making these remixes was not only fun, but also made clear where we're coming from musically as well as showing people our signature sound. Remixes like those of AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' and Blur's 'Song 2' were well received, and are receiving lots of plays to this day. In addition to making these remixes, we have also produced original work for ourselves (our debut single 'Sync 2 You "feat. Lu Angel) and others (the majority of the album' Spiegelbeeld' by Sluwe Voszz was done by us).

More information on our personal background can be found in the individual artist biographies. How Ed Bonesaia has been featured in the media can be found in the media section.






First of all, we are not DJ's. We do not spin records. When you step up to us in the booth with a request, we will not be able to blend it in. That being said, let us focus on what we can do. We bring you well balanced and properly produced sets. We bring extra instruments and effects to our live show, to add some more flavour. Although our taste is very eclectic, you can expect (and book!) two kinds of sets:

  • Couch Potatoes Set - Downtempo

    When Ed drops a Couch Potatoes Set, it's all about kicking back and relax. No rush. Expect laid back instrumental hiphop, chill hop, breakbeats, nu soul and more relaxing vibes. Artists that you will most likely hear in our Couch Potatoes Sets include Chet Faker, Flume, Bonobo, and many more.

  • Club Crashers Set - Uptempo

    When Ed drops a Club Crashers Set, it's all about energy, compelling uptempo rhythms and heavy basses. Expect fired up electro, powerful remixes, dubstep and more edgy electronic dance music tracks. We are not afraid to bring tracks people are familiar with, but will never hesitate to put in raw and underground stuff in there as well. Artists that you will most likely hear in our Club Crashers Sets include Baskerville, Deadmau5, Felix Cartal, Dem Slackers and many more.


As we strive to put as much of our own work in our live sets, you can expect us to bring both heavy productions as well as more laid back instrumental tracks. Currently we are working hard to expand our repertoire. Expect bootleg remixes, expect own material and expect lots of featurings. We are always interested in collaborations, so be sure to check out the contact section if you feel we should hook up. If you believe we should make music for your video material, you should definitely contact us as well!



Easter Egg


Somehow you have managed to find the easter egg. This makes you a very special person. To show our appreciation, we would like you to enjoy this 10 hour clip of Rick Astley


Noot Nootjepaps



Sluwe Voszz

Live MC





The Sounds of Bonesaia



Ed Bonesaia


We're guessing you are here to check out some music. In the Soundcloud player below, you can find our original own tracks.



Ed Bonesaia


We're guessing you are here to check out some music. In the Soundcloud player below, you can find all of our bootleg remixes.



Ed Bonesaia

Sets & Vids


In this Soundcloud player you can find all of our released Couch Potatoes and Club Crashers Mini Sets. These sets give an excellent idea of what to expect when you book Ed Bonesaia for one of those sets.


Movie Soundtracks

We also make soundtracks for your movies. This movie is a example of music we have made for a Dutch telemarketing company. Feel free to contact us for inquiries, using our contact information below

Music Videos

Sluwe Voszz - Gelukkig (Prod. Ed Bonesaia)

This is the video for 'Gelukkig' ('Happy'). The first track from Dutch Rapper Sluwe Voszz' second album 'Spiegelbeeld' ('Mirror Image').

Sluwe Voszz - Wil je me helpen? (Prod. Ed Bonesaia)

This is the video for 'Wil je me helpen?' ('Can you help me?'). Another track from the Spiegelbeeld album by Dutch rapper Sluwe Voszz and produced by Ed Bonesaia.

Sync 2 U (feat. Lu Angel)


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Sync 2 U (feat. Lu Angel)


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Sync 2 U (feat. Lu Angel)


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Sync 2 U (feat. Lu Angel)


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